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Best Camera Product Team is included 4 persons: Harry W, Lana Greshen, Krystal Bright and Alan Kavos. They are all seniors and professionals in their field, especially in 2 main majors that are data science and photography artwork. They combine their skills to create advantageous articles about camera products. Their ambition is to help audiences who loves shooting photos or videos can find the best products fast, accurate, suitable and affordable with their budget. - Harry W is a young and experienced professional photographer. He is an advanced writer for articles related to digital cameras and photos. He loves sharing his knowledge and skills with all audiences who have passions the same as him. - Lana Greshen is a well-qualified video editor who is working in many popular variety show programs on TV channels. She is an experienced and detailed person. Because her work causes a lot of pressure, she tries to do stress relief by traveling. Her hobby is recording videos and shooting photos of the food culture from countries around the world. - Lana Greshen is a writer of Best Camera Product where she can share her experience in choosing the best cameras and camera accessories to have beautiful images and photos. - Alan Kavos is a talented data scientist. He works in data science industry for many technology companies in 5 years. He's a good coder as well. His strength is creating programs and tools to collect information in a particular field with a high accuracy level. - Krystal Bright is a full-time editor and manager at Best Camera Product. All articled contents are reviewed and approved by her before publishing.


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